I went to see Matara yesterday. It is written by Conni Massing and produced by Workshop West.

Fantastic production!Congratulations! I’ve seen every reading of Conni’s but was blown away at her production draft. The set, the projections, the direction, the acting were all seamless and sublime.

Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre presents MATARA by Conni Massing, running November 28 to December 9 at the Backstage Theatre in the ATB Financial Arts Barns, 10330 84 Ave.

An elephant keeper, a security guard and a marketing consultant, all with very different perspectives on animals, deal with a looming crisis at the zoo where they work.

Preview tickets are $10 & $15, Opening Night tickets are $35, and Sunday matinees are Pay-What-You-Can at the door only. Tickets for the rest of the run $27 for Adults, and $20 for Students/Seniors. All tickets are subject to applicable fees.


  • TUE 12/04/18 7:30PM
  • WED 12/05/18 7:30PM
  • THU 12/06/18 7:30PM
  • FRI 12/07/18 7:30PM
  • SAT 12/08/18 2:00PM
  • SAT 12/08/18 7:30PM
  • SUN 12/09/18 2:00PM

Check this play out


     Black gold, true tales, real lives.

November 7-17 in The Backstage Theatre @ the ATB Financial Arts Barns, 10330-84 Ave, Edmonton

A performance installation takes audiences on a ride through Alberta’s turbulent oil industry. Featuring stories collected via interviews with the men and women on the front lines of big oil – VISCOSITY invites audiences into one-on-one transactions with actors placing them in the midst of the compelling real-life drama of Canada’s most talked about industry. You’ve never seen anything quite like VISCOSITY and you won’t forget it.

Part exhibition, part journalism, and part performance, VISCOSITY brings to life the stories of Alberta oil workers across a variety of ages, genders, sexualities, cultures, and perspectives. Created from transcriptions of interviews with real Albertans in 2018, VISCOSITY challenges what we think we know about the people who work in big oil. This performance installation creates intimate encounters with big oil, bringing Albertans together in conversation about life in and out of the patch.

Featuring: Jimmy Buena, Chris Bullough, Leo Campos Aldunez, Murray Farnell, Byron Martin, Sandy Paddick, and Melissa Thingelstad.

Audience members may come anytime during performance times and stay as long as they wish.

Dates and times:

  • Wed 11/07/18 7:30pm
  • Thu 11/08/18 7:30pm
  • Fri 11/09/18 7:30pm
  • Sat 11/10/18 7:30pm
  • Sun 11/11/18 2:00pm
  • Tue 11/13/18 7:30pm
  • Wed 11/14/18 7:30pm
  • Thu 11/15/18 7:30pm
  • Fri 11/16/18 7:30pm
  • Sat 11/17/18 7:30pm

Tickets are available at and at the door.Tickets are $20 for Adults, $15 for Students, Seniors & Artists – plus applicable fees.

Hello website world!

November 5, 2018.

It’s been a slog but I finally have created our first New Heart website with the help of Nicholas Mayne! Nicholas had previously made us a great Home page. Now we have more pages and I can edit! It’s simple but it’s a triumph still.

I know that it is a new world. A world of Weebly, Wix, Word Press, etc., but for some reason it was just beyond me. Blogs are beyond me too but I’m trying. This is my first blog. My next blogs will be about theatre, I promise. This one is just about me and the website. Dana