Theatre of the New Heart was founded and incorporated in 1991 by Thomas Nerling and David Skelton. Original board was Thomas Nerling, David Skeleton, Colleen Tillotson, Rebecca Starr and Raul Tome.

In 2000, Dana Rayment and Bobbi Westman assumed co-leadership and continue to evolve and grow New Heart.

New Heart has had full seasons with our “Homes Series” and “Kitchen Stories,”  and multi-disciplinary productions with Feats Festival, The Fringe and Springboard Dance. New Heart has been “in association” or “co-producer” in  productions and workshops with companies: Maggie Tree, Theatre Yes, Pyretic Productions, Springboard Dance, Frente Theatre Collective, Skirts Afire, FAVA, ADA, and individuals: Tracy Powers, Isabelle Rousseau, Glenda Stirling, Leslea Kroll, Nicholas Mayne, Tracy Carroll, Emil Sher, Beth Graham, Heather Inglis, Conni Massing.